Ducati bespoke parts manufactured in the United Kingdom

I also will manufacture for other other makes of motorcycle


Items/services currently available are

2 int 1 exhaust built for a monster

Current build Bimota DB5 with 749R front end and Radical bodywork

complete new frames avaliable in T45 ,CDS and brand new TIG welded 888 frames will be £1500 with a certificate of newness(for registration purposes)
can also do frames with the corsa gusseting and fixed or removable brace
can also do 851 style frame with the mitred joints near headstock
please cotact for avaliability

frame repairs undertaken



Front and rear alloy subframes for the 888 £249 each

Front and Rear Ally Subframes 888 / 851

Link pipes highlevel for the 888 and SS carby models handmade in stainless steel will fit with any 50mm exhaust can £120 a pair

High Level Stainless Link Pipes

 Exhaust hangers for SS and Superlight in stainless steel £35 a pair

 Exhaust hangers for 888
SS and Superlight with rubber mount
£40 a pair


 Adjuster plates for SS carb footrests alloy multi adjustable with gear extension £45 a pair.

 Frame brace for SS carb model Bolts on no mods banish the frame cracking £55 each

Ducati Carbed models frame brace, supplied in plain metal finish, this one has been matched to the frame colour by the customer.

Link pipes highlevel for the carby models handmade in stainless steel will fit with any 50mm exhaust can £120 a pair/ £145
with brackets


Link Pipes and Exhaust brackets shown in situ on a customers bike.

Case saver fits most models £14 each

I also manufacture bespoke one off items and can fabricate in aluminum and stainless steel.
Contact Steve Bailey

M: +44 (0)7873 348962

T: +44  (0)1373 824534

E:  sb007gy411@blueyonder.co.uk